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You need data extracted from a website – we'll get it for you!


Our company specialises in extracting data from websites (web scraping, screen scraping, crawling, parsing).

We create custom software that allows us to process large amounts of data published on the internet. We're using distributed cloud infrastructure and special techniques that prevent detection and ensure anonymity.

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Our experience

Our company was funded by Wiktor Bachnik, software developer with years of experience gained in international IT companies. We developed solutions for businesses based in United States, Great Britain and Poland. Ensuring the highest quality of results is our main priority.

Example projects

Notification system for messages posted on a website requiring user login
We created a system that uses MailChimp API to send out notifications to subscriber list managed by our customer in the UK. Notification text is extracted from a website that requires user to log in before accessing it. Our software is handling the login form with hidden fields and authentication cookies. The system is periodicaly checking for updates on the website and notifies users only with the new content.
Mapping links between blogs
Our software processed home pages of all blogs hosted on three big Polish blogging platforms (blog.pl, blog.onet.pl and jogger.pl) and created a map of links between them. The data was used as a basis for an academic paper analysing social interactions in the blogging community.
Getting profile information for millions of Twitter users
This project was aimed at extracting full profile information of Twitter followers of certain influencers. Our program processed millions of accounts in just a few hours, running in distributed environment and using hundreds of proxy servers. Data was fetched using REST API provided by Twitter but working around the limits they imposed.
Extracting contact information from contractor directory
Our customer in the USA needed to have all contact details of contracting companies listed in an online catalogue. We wrote software that was correctly using JavaScript-based page navigation and successfully extracted thousands of contacts.

We've also built website uptime and load time monitoring system, that was later aquired by another company: WebQA Monitor (in Polish).


Email: info@webscraping.eu

Company information:

WebQA Wiktor Bachnik
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European VAT Number: PL5992719457